Research and Review

We undertake research and review to inform decision making, to aid the production of guidelines and strategies, or to provide critical appraisal.

Over the years, we have contributed to a diverse range of applied research studies, including:

  • Survey to identify goose flight paths and foraging sites in Caithness to inform assessment of wind turbine planning applications


  • Review of goose flight activity in relation to distance from SPAs in Scotland, including an analysis of flight height distribution


  • Annual audit of the ecological monitoring programme for the Cairngorm Funicular Railway, 2006-2011


  • Natural resource review of the Cairngorms National Park


  • Review of the ecological impacts of boating and associated activities on Loch Lomond


  • Feasibility study on restoration of saltmarsh through managed retreat at Skinflats on the Inner Forth


  • Autecology review of 23 wildfowl species to inform an investigation into the potential for the spread of Avian Influenza


  • Field testing a method of Mountain hare population census


  • Investigation of the potential for natural regeneration in waste-ground reclamation


  • Prioritisation of action for North East Scotland Biodiversity Action PlanĀ (2003-2006)