Second Kincardine Bridge Crossing

Jacobs for the Scottish Executive

nes provided the ecological expertise for the various Environmental Impact Assessment studies of the proposed second Kincardine Bridge on the Forth estuary between 1993 and 2005. Construction of the bridge commenced in 2006 and was completed in November 2008, during which time we provided input to Jacobs as their role as Employer’s Agent.

Of greatest ecological importance in the study area, which lies within the Firth of Forth proposed Special Protection Area, is the internationally important shorebird population and the nationally important saltmarsh habitat. We provided input to the audit of construction works, in which adherence to mitigation agreed in the Stage 3 and Appropriate Assessments was scrutinised for compliance.

Some of the mitigation takes the form of habitat reinstatement and creation that was recommended by nes in the Stage 3 Ecological Impact Assessment. To this end, the hardcore ramp that was placed on the saltmarsh next to the existing bridge in the 1980s has now been removed, as has the seawall west of the new northern approach road, allowing the creation of intertidal habitat through managed retreat.