Outdoor Walks at Aberlour Distillery

We’ve recently started leading outdoor walks at Aberlour Distillery in Speyside for Chivas Brothers, which aim to convey the ‘sense of place’ of the distillery and the beautiful lower glen of the Lour Burn.

We look at the history and past and present uses of the glen, the ecology of the woods and how this is influenced by soils and geology, and the ethnobotany of the many plants found in the valley, looking at their medical, religious and culinary uses.

The picture shows Kathy talking about Wild Cecily, which is found close to the distillery. Apart from its long history as a medicinal plant (said to protect against snake bites and the plague!), it makes an excellent salad plant because of its aniseed flavour, the aroma of which is thought to flavour the maturing whisky.